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Incidence of Kell blood group in blood donorsA.

07/03/2016 · The Kell factor refers to an antigen that’s attached to the membrane of red blood cells. Some people have it; some don’t. And generally, that’s not a problem. But a problem can occur when a Kell-negative mom is somehow exposed to the Kell-positive blood — say, via a blood. 20/08/2012 · Today we have Part Two of Kyra Kramer’s post on Henry VIII, Kell positive blood type and McLeod Syndrome, and Kyra has taken on board all of the comments left on her previous post. If you missed part one then you can click here to read it. Over to Kyra Hi everyone! It’s me, Kyra [].

24/12/2016 · The distribution of Kell blood grouping varies markedly in different parts of the world as well as in India. Few studies have been conducted earlier like by Thakral et al. where out of 1240 O blood group donors, 5.56% were K positive. Another study by Singh et al. conducted on 500 voluntary donors found the Kell positive incidence to be 4.4%. I was explained Kell Positive is if you have O negative blood, when you deliver your baby there is a certain amount of blood from the baby that is released into the mother system. If the baby has anything other that O negative blood then it can lessen your chances of having another healthy baby. Any. Being Kell positive, they will not form an antibody to an antigen their body possesses. The person can receive Kell pos or neg blood. I have type A Rh positive Anti K blood type. I am trying to find more information concerning the anti-K issue. From what little information I am able to gather it is linked to 2 recessive genes, the K is passed to the fetus from the father & during a fetomaternal bleed the fetus exposes the mother to the antigen in turn causing the mother to.

Has anyone had any experience dealing with this? I had to get blood transfusions 11 years ago and, now that I'm pregnant, I have been informed that the blood I received had Kell positive antibodies in it, which is fine if my baby is Kell negative, but if the baby is Kell positive then there will be a problem. Mothers who are negative for the Kell 1 antigen develop antibodies after being exposed to red blood cells that are positive for Kell 1. Over half of the cases of hemolytic disease of the newborn owing the anti-Kell antibodies are caused by multiple blood transfusions, with the remainder due to a previous pregnancy with a Kell 1 positive baby. 11/04/2017 · hiI´ll like to know that is ur policy about the use of blood Kell positive?In my country there are many blood bankers, think that red blood cells with this phenotype should be eliminated, but other like me, think that this should be used in specific cases, so a policy should be developedPlease, t. Virtually everyone is Kell positive. The question is which Kell antigen they have. The Kell system has a myriad of antigens, and these are sometimes of clinical significance, such as being a rare cause of Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn, and of t. Q: I have a rare blood type. Can you tell me just what does this mean if I need blood? I am O positive but have Little K cellano negative What does this mean? A:The first Kell system antibody was described in 1946 by Mrs. Kellacher, which was later also found in Mrs. Cellano. The Kell and Cellano blood groups are symbolized K and k, respectively.

03/03/2011 · A Kell negative woman who has multiple pregnancies with a Kell positive man can produce a healthy, Kell positive child in a first pregnancy but the antibodies she produces during that first pregnancy will cross the placenta and attack a Kell positive fetus in subsequent pregnancies. 03/03/2011 · The numerous miscarriages suffered by the wives of Henry VIII could be explained if the king's blood carried the Kell antigen. If Henry also suffered from McLeod syndrome, a genetic disorder specific to the Kell blood group, it would finally provide an explanation for his dramatic mid-life shift in both physical form and personality. Kell blood group system, classification of human blood based on the presence on the surfaces of red blood cells of various antigens encoded by the KEL gene. The system, discovered in 1946, is characterized by a high degree of polymorphism genetic variation, and thus studies of the Kell antigens.

neonatal death Table 1.11 However Kell antigenaemia has also been reported in primagravid women.12–14 This occurrence can be caused by previous blood transfusion from a Kell positive donor, obviously not a factor in Tudor England, or by an antepartum feto-maternal haemorrhage, either spontaneous or traumatic, such as. Blood Groups and Compatibilities. There are many blood groups in the human population including ABO, Rh, Kidd, Kell, Duffy, MNS and Lewis. The most important of these are ABO and RhD. Transfusion with ABO incompatible blood can lead to severe and potentially fatal transfusion reactions. RhD.

What is the implication of an Anti K blood group?

This sounds an awfully lot like something that happens when dad has Kell positive blood and mom has Kell negative blood. In these cases, the first child is often fine but any kids that come after can have trouble. And in medieval England, the doctors could not help these later kids. Of course there are probably other explanations. 1 Blood Groups –Kell Group Qun Lu, MD Assistant Professor Division of Transfusion Medicine Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine UCLA, School of Medicine.

Should Transfusion Services Provide KEL1 Negative Blood to Obstetric Patients? The Kell blood group is the third most polymorphic blood group system and its antigens are considered to be highly immunogenic. Only 9% of the Caucasian population is positive for KEL1 antigen. As others have written, “Big K” is most likely referring to the an antibody to the Kell antigen K, which is an antigen in one of many non ABO/ non Rh blood groups. There are many blood group systems besides the well known ABO and Rh systems. Som.

These days they monitor the kell group of blood donors and won't give kell positive blood to ladies under 60. Once these antibodies have been detected, your partners blood should be taken to determine his blood group. If he is 'carrying' the kell antigen then there is a 50:50 chance that baby will be affected by the kell antibodies in babies.

Kell positive blood - May 2012 Babies Forums.

For blood transfusions, patients can avoid complications if the medical professionals accurately match the patient’s blood type to the receiving transfusion blood type. For childbirth, treatment is only necessary for women carrying the “E” antibody E negative, whose children will have the “E” antigen E positive.

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